Support Desk

Our Support Desk works 24/7 so if you are in need of assistance please follow the process below.

The Support Desk provides a full range of IT assistance services including help desk, remote and on site support.

Alternatively, our live support functionality is also readily available.

By creating stability and functionality across all aspects of your infrastructure The Support Desk can enhance of all of your IT requirements.

So if you would like to know more about us why not call us now to discuss how we can assist your business in meeting your Support objectives  Contact Us

First Stage

Simply log on to “Live Support” to discuss your issues with one of our experienced Technicians. Click on the Red Icon as the bottom Right Hand side of the screen.

Second Stage

Once we have determined the issues please lodge a ticket online. Once your ticket is lodged we will arrange a Remote Session to log into your PC or Server.

Third Stage

One of our technicians will arrange a Remote Session to log into your PC or Server to review your issues and provide a solution to your problems.

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