Network Services


Enhance your productivity & efficiencies with a secure infrastructure.

Whatever your current infrastructure looks like, we can assist you to update, upgrade or start from a fresh environment.

From planning, to procurement, to installation and ongoing support Managed Solutions provides the specialized services to ensure your network runs at peak performance 24/7/365.

A strong network infrastructure is the backbone of your businesses technology & communication systems.

Ensuring your network has the capability to handle the communication requirements of today’s connected businesses should be a corporate priority. Having a poorly configured network will quickly lead to bottlenecks and connectivity issues which continually hamper your ability to ensure your business is running at peak performance and noting more frustrating for your Team.

We can provide various business networking solutions from network creation for new businesses to full optimisation of your existing system, with a focus to create networks which maximise your productivity whilst minimizing downtime.

From simple printer sharing, file sharing, workstations and servers, through to mobile devices and tablets, we have the experience and ability to ensure you get connected and stay connected.

Managed Solutions can provide network solutions including installation and support for businesses with a single office, to more complex, multi-office solutions.

Network Solutions

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Local Area Network

Creating a robust, reliable infrastructure for single office premises

Wide Area Network

Connecting multiple offices around the country on one secure computer network

Virtual Private Network

Providing greater flexibility for your business and employees through remote access

Wireless Network

Ideal for guests, visitors and anyone needing wireless access to your network

Wireless Bridges

An efficient way of connecting two wired networks together


We can provide you with professional recommendations on the best service provider to suit your location, user load and connection nee

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