Back Up and Disaster Recovery


Keeping your company’s data safe and secure is absolutely critical for any business, your employees and vital for your customers’ data. Protecting all of this stored data from external threats such as malware, ransomware or even internal breaches is key to maintaining the privacy of your business data.

Every business is unique as to its back up requirements. Therefore, every backup solution or procedure should be planned and specifically unique to co-incide with your reinstatement objectives. As a result of this our specialist team will work with your Team to develop a clear and precise backup and disaster recovery plan now that will ensure a timely reinstatement of your data in the event of an unplanned disaster.

We have various methodologies to backup your data no matter where it is located, on-premise, cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure or AWS), databases, Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams) and much more. Our backup solutions ensure in the event of a disaster, your business has its safety net.

Our technology capabilities allow us to backup to and from multiple locations, customising your backup solution to meet any requirements or objectives that we collectively determine in our planning.

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