Today Managed Solutions offer a specialised range of services including IT Consulting and Support, Network Administration, Cloud Services, Unified Communications, Application Development, Procurement Services and Cyber Security.

Whether you’re small, medium or a large enterprise outsourcing your IT support, It's our job keep you ahead of the game.

So Why Use A Managed Service Provider?

By deploying a managed service provider, you will be paying only for the services employed and not for fixed salaries for in-house IT personnel regardless of the measure of utility.

A managed service provider renders a distinctive and specialized team of IT professionals whose services are available on demand as per the requirements of the organization. Apart from being timely convenient, MSP teams are equipped with a superior set of skills and expertise, such technical excellence cannot be acquired from an internal resource without mighty salaries and competitive employee benefits.

Therefore, outsourcing services not only cuts down on personnel costs, but also allows you to budget effectively as it provides predictable monthly costs for the planned services, consequently making business expenses more foreseeable and easier to calculate.

With all of the daily activities of any business, it can be difficult to identify or pinpoint any underperforming IT infrastructure on premises or in the Cloud.

Typical issues such as an overloaded servers or PC’s , unsecured firewalls, outdated software and hardware or VPN’s may not bring your operations to a standstill, but they do make you vulnerable to data loss.

Usually, a lot of businesses find out too late. You cannot afford to be reactive to security and your infrastructure strategies, you need to be proactive which is where MS provides you with peace of mind.

We offer Managed Services specifically designed to suit your business including

• Full management and monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure
• Managed Network Services
• Managed Services with included security measures such as firewall, anti-virus and data encryption
• Helpdesk support to suit your business, including remote, onsite and flexible support options
• Insight into network performance with regular reporting
• Infrastructure as a service
• Managed Voice and Data Services

Need Services? We Specialise in the Following Services and Technologies, their Design, their Deployments and their Ongoing Management!


Cloud Computing

Cloud promises speed, agility & cost savings; realising the full value of cloud requires solving challenges such as data gravity, security, regulations compliance, cost management and the need for organisational change.

Managed Solutions

Network Services

Managed Solutions can provide varying network solutions including installation, design and ongoing support for businesses with a single office, to more complex, multi-office solutions. SD-WAN, WAN, LAN, Wireless, Internet or Virtual Private Network Solutions.

Procurement Services

Our IT procurement team provide customised, managed hardware and software solutions designed specifically to meet your business needs. Our IT procurement services will maximise the potential of your business by customising hardware and software to suit your team, whenever and from wherever they are working from.


IT Consulting

We specialise in digital transformation, and take a holistic approach to assessing your business technology and operations, identifying weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges in every sphere of your company.

Application Development

We have for over 25 years provided extensive online web hosting, email services and an extensive web development and online applications, including mobile apps for both Android and IOS platforms. Talk to our Development Team about your next project.

Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Keeping your company’s data safe and secure is absolutely critical for any business, your employees and vital for your customers’ data. Protecting all of this stored data from external threats such as malware, ransomware or even internal breaches is key to maintaining the privacy of your business data.


Cyber  Security

Over 77% of all cyber-crimes target small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and yet, research shows 42% of small and midsize businesses don’t see cyber-crime as a risk. Be Proactive Not Reactive, When its too late.

Unified Communications

With unified communications, you can give your employees a streamlined digital work environment, with the ability to work any where anytime. Teams can send instant messages, commence video chats, share files, and a lot more, all through a single unified and easy to use interface.

Microsoft 365

As a part of the Microsoft Office product line, Microsoft 365 (or formerly known as ‘Office 365’) offers the full suite of Office products and services via a subscription model. We offer full Microsoft 365 deployment, migration and support activities as part of our fully managed Microsoft 365 service.

To Discuss Your IT Requirements and To Obtain Detailed Pricing Please Call Us on (03) 8560 6830.

Managed Solutions IT Services Pricing Models

Pricing Models

Managed Solutions offers three basic different pricing models, incorporating support for PC’s, Servers And/Or General Infrastructure.

Flat-Rate Model

Rather than focusing on individual projects, this pricing model covers all the IT services of an organization. With the flat-rate model, your IT costs don’t change whether you up/downscale your services. Available on monthly, quarterly, or yearly pricing.

Please speak to our Team about selected pricing customised to your requirements. Prices start at $500.00 per year.

Per User Per Month Model

We base this model on the number of users we monitor and support. With more business operations becoming tech-based, most of your employees will be considered as users. If your employees use multiple devices, paying per user helps you make considerable savings. Monthly prices depend on your team’s number of users. This model, however, won’t apply for your servers.

Please speak to our Team about selected pricing customised to your requirements. Prices start at $40.00 per month for 24/7 support.

Per Device Per Month Model

In this model, we charge you for all the devices in your tech environment. Maintenance of your servers, desktops, firewalls, and switches all attract different prices. Further pricing available once the scope of equipment is established.

Please speak to our Team about selected pricing customised to your requirements. Prices start at $5.00 per month for 24/7 support.

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